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Our Story

From 1964, on the side of publishers and printers.


A long tradition: this is what distinguishes our family bookbinding company. Its roots go back to 1964, when Michelangelo Giovanni Tonolini, passionate printer and bookbinder, fulfilled the dream of establishing his own bookbinding enterprise.
The Legatoria Tonolini was born.


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What started as a small business quickly evolved. The combination of impeccable quality and unfailing reliability established the firm’s name in an expanding market, helped by the contribution brought to the business by Giovanni’s brother, Francesco. 

In 1975, the Legatoria Tonolini became La Nova Grafica s.n.c. di Tonolini Michelangelo e Francesco.


In 2000 we, the next generation of Tonolinis, stepped in. We inherited our fathers’ love for this profession, combining it with the desire to adapt our techniques and methods to an ever-evolving field. Under these premises, the business became Novagrafica s.r.l.


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Our goal and challenge is to maintain the quality of service and reputation that our fathers achieved and maintained through a constant effort and a passion for excellence:
that of being a reliable partner for publishers and printers.

Novagrafica S.R.L.



Our mission is to become a reference point for printers and publishers in the field of high-quality bookbinding. 

We work tirelessly to be a reliable partner and to be able to advise and point our customers towards solutions that can enhance their products. This is what we do best: we love to contribute and be part of a project, sharing our 50+ years of expertise with our customers.

We cultivate a serene and stimulating working environment.
Our team is motivated and result-oriented, sharing our same passion for bookbinding. This is undoubtedly the secret behind the longevity of our enterprise, the outcome of which is and has always been the consistent level of satisfaction of our customers.



Utmost confidentiality.
This is a fundamental component of the field, and certainly on top of our priority list. Confidentiality is, for us, crucial in establishing a relationship of trust with our customers.

Our 50+ years of experience speak for us: we can work on – and we have worked on! – all sorts of projects. As a consequence, we can guarantee total flexibility in realising our customers’ ideas and proposals.

Artisanal spirit.
We want to deliver work of the highest quality. This is why we follow each project step by step, in every stage, with great attention to detail (some would say, obsessive attention to detail!).

One-on-one consultancy.
An important part of our job is to tailor our services to you: we want to understand exactly what you need. We will help you reach the desired result and to identify the most appropriate solution for your needs. 

Professional collaborations.
You have a project, but you don’t have someone to work on it? We can help. In the years we have cultivated and maintained relations with a number of trusted partner enterprises, from printing to publishing. 

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We are specialists in responding promptly and proposing solutions tailored to your needs. Try us!

We always reply to queries within shortest time.

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VIA J.F. Kennedy S.N.
24020 Villa di Serio – BG

C.F. P. IVA: IT02745260162

TEL 035 663398
FAX 035 655385

Michelangelo Giovanni Tonolini : president – giovanni@novagraficasrl.it
Lara Tonolini : admin – info@novagraficasrl.it
Stefano Tonolini: quotes –stefano@novagraficasrl.it
Fabrizio Tonolini: production –fabrizio@novagraficasrl.it


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